John Avanzini Ministry

Outreach Programs

Throughout our 65+ years of ministry, my wife Patricia and I have not only maintained an urgent dedication to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally, but we have also maintained an urgent dedication to providing nutritious food to those that are destitute. Matthew 25:34-40 makes it clear that as believers have a God-given privilege and responsibility to take care of those in need.

The greatest challenge of any dynamic food distribution ministry has never been finding those in need, but rather the greatest challenges in this particular kind of ministry are two-fold. The first great challenge, is finding proper support teams globally that are full of integrity, dedicated to quality, and have a proven record of faithfulness in operating an effective food distribution program.

During the early years of our ministry, my wife and I relied heavily on various denominationally-focused, mission programs that we were associated with at that time. Though many great works were done through those programs, there seemed to be a ceiling over what we were able to accomplish in regards to certain outreach opportunities.

However, after we received the filling of the Holy Spirit everything changed. God began to expand and enlarge our ministry efforts to further the teaching of the Word of God and the preaching of the Gospel. Furthermore, God also began elevating our ability to effectively reach those in need of food and nourishment. Throughout the years, The Lord has developed divine connections between our ministry, God’s Outreach, and other ministries around the world that specialize in bringing food and resources to those living in great difficulty, such as the Daily Manna Foundation in the Philippines, and our daily food distribution in Nicaragua.

The second great challenge in this pursuit, is activating believers with the opportunity to join us in this journey to end hunger among some of the most vulnerable and impoverished communities around the world. Please considering partnering with us, in what is quite literally, an opportunity to change the lives of those many have forgotten.

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