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Bro. John Avanzini

About John Avanzini Ministries

Dr. John Avanzini was born in Paramaribo. Suriname, South America on May 21, 1936. He is a man of God that has been either pastoring or evangelizing since 1960. He was raised in Lake Jackson, TX and presently resides in Ft. Worth, TX. Bro. John has been involved in the work of teaching the body of Christ on the subject of Biblical Economics since 1988. Through this God-given revelation of truth, God has allowed him to travel the world bringing release to so many of God’s children that were living a life that was beneath the intended level of success that God had planned out for them.

Bro. John has authored over 50 books on the subject of Biblical Economics making him the top author in the world on the subject and to date there are more than 12 million of his books in circulation to date not to mention the number of books that have been delivered in a digital format.

In Lagos, Nigeria, Bro. John had an encounter with the Lord that God came into the hotel room that he was in. God spent the entire night bring clarity and revelation to him that allowed Bro. John to take all of the truths that he was seeing in the Bible that were more like several puzzle pieces that were mere bits of information that appeared to have nothing to do with each other. But through this night, the Lord revealed how all of these truths that at first glance didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other flowed from one part end of the Word of God to the other. This miraculous event can be read in depth in the the book “30, 60, Hundredfold”.

Bro. John pastored several churches during the early part of his life. The first church that he pastored was in Denver Colorado. Mountian State Baptist Church was started in the basement of Bro. John and Sister Pat’s home, growing at a pace that made it the fastest growing church in the western part of America. The next pastorate that he took was in El Cajon, CA. Harvest Temple became one of the greatest churches in the southern part of California. From there, Bro. John moved his family to Joplin, MO and brought a word of restoration to a church that has been through a great time of change. When Bro. John left Joplin the former pastor was reinstated to the church allowing Bro. John to launch out into the ministry that he is in today. 

In 1985 Bro. John moved to Ft. Worth, TX and started the traveling ministry that he has been leading for over 35 years.