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Sis. Pat Avanzini

Celebrating the Life of Sister Pat Avanzini

As you have been blessed with Sis. Pat’s Ministry, she would love it so much, if you would make a donation for Bibles to be sent around the world. Please call Swaggart Ministries at 1-800-288-8350 or go to and donate under “Biblethon”. Please mention your gift is in memory of Patricia Avanzini.


Pat Avanzini was a powerfully anointed vessel of God. She was a nationally recognized speaker, author, teacher, and Founding Pastor of many churches throughout her almost 50 years of ministry.

She maintained a rigorous schedule throughout her life. This included both domestic and international preaching and teaching engagements. She was an astute businesswomen, which was reflected in her personal participation in all of the operations and management duties of John Avanzini Ministries and God’s Outreach Inc. She authored the bestselling book, Keeping the Honey in the Honeymoon. Which outlines and unpacks the Scriptural truths for how to have a passionate and loving marriage.

As an evangelist, she introduced tens of thousands into the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a pastor, she discipled thousands into victorious lives through Kingdom principles and Bible Truth. As a wife, Sister Pat was married to John Avanzini for over 65 years until her passing on to glory in 2021. As a mother, she had 6 children. They brought her the greatest joy. As a grandmother and great grandmother, she never hesitated to show them love, to pray with them, or to take time to share her relationship with the Lord with them.

Sister Pat never missed an opportunity to boldly love the unlovable or those considered unreachable. In fact, at one point, she lead a group of Spirit-filled Believers from her church to the headquarters of a local Hell’s Angel’s motorcycle club. Armed with only with the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and Thanksgiving dinner baskets, The Lord used that moment to transform the hardened hearts of many of the lost that were there. Many received salvation and become pillars in the church and in the community.

She courageously cared for those that were overlooked by others. She generously poured herself into others as the The Lord led her. She never gave up on anyone. She remained full of faith, grace, and the peace that passes all understanding.